Xcel Transaction Importer for QB

In your business, If you use your own Excel templates for transactions or any other file types to import into QuickBooks, such as importing Invoices, Orders, Receipts, Bills, PO, Estimates(Quotes), Receive Payments and many.

We have developed a Great product called XcelTransaction-Importer.

You can import your Transaction Excel template and configure few things in the settings screen. It is just one time configuration. That's it. Our product will extract the data and import into QuickBooks. Click here to download the 14 day trail application.

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Time Entry Import to Quickbooks

Do you use Excel spreadsheet to record your employee time entries? Then this is the best application for you to use and in single click you can import all your time entries into Quickbooks. This product has validation before importing the data. This will help you to avoid manual entry and you can save lots of your time.

Please Click here to download the 14 day trail application.

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PayPal to Quickbooks

This product will import your PayPal transactions to Quickbooks as a Sales receipt. Free download is available. This product can be customized easily. Filters are there by Success Pending, Processing, Denied, Reversed, etc., Please download the application and learn more. Click here to download the full application.

Salesforce to Quickbooks

This product will import your Salesforce opportunities to Quickbooks as Invoices, Receive Payments. Filters are there by Fetching Won Opportunities, Fetching closed Opportunities, Fetching by modified date, etc. This product can be customized easily. Free download is availble. Click here to download the full application.

Data Remover for QuickBooks

The Data Remover can do deletions of transactions like invoices, bills, checks, etc., and list names like customers, vendors, items, etc.,

All these operations can be done based on

Date ranges
Reference number ranges
Names and other filter criteria.
How it works with Transactions?
Transactions can be deleted based on transaction date or date added/modified.
How it works with List names?

List names can be deleted based on date added/modified, active status, name and other criteria.

Note: In QuickBooks list names can be deleted only if the name is not used in any transaction or any other list type.

e-MyInvoices(Batch) for QB

Send bulk open invoices to your customers instead of sending them as seperate emails. Our application will display the list of open invoices. You can select all the invoices/specific invoices in one click and click "Send" button. That’s it. Your customer will get all your invoices in one email.

InvoiceMaker for QB

Create invoices for multiple customers in QuickBooks.

How it works?
1. Select All/Multiple customer.
2. Select their invoices.
3. Click "Create". Thats all. Your invoices will be created in QuickBooks.

XL Expense Report Creator for QB

This is add-on for QuickBooks who uses Multi Company and operating from different locations.

This add-on will create an Excel spread sheet with Vendor information and Account information. And the excel will have the columns to enter expense amount from Sunday to Saturday.

Once this excel spread sheet is created the admin can distribute this excel spread sheet to other companies where they can enter the expense detail in the excel and send back to admin.

Now admin can upload this excel template into our add-on. Our add-on will create the bill for the selected vendor and selected amount will be created as expenses.

Outlook Add-on for QB

Do you want to create/merge/delete your contacts between Outlook to QuickBooks or to some other systems?

We have add-on for this which can do this easily for you.

QuickBooks Invoice Pro for Mobile

This is an add-on for creating invoices on the field.

Your salesperson can download the Customer, Item and other data to their devices.

Your salesperson can meet your customer on the move and they can create orders/invoice in the customer place itself.

Key Features:
Creating Sales Order/Invoice
Add new customer at any time.
Capture customer signatures.
Printing supported (Blue-tooth and Wi-Fi printers).
Bar code support for Item scanning.
E-mail your Orders/Invoices/Reports.

Advantage of this product:
Avoiding double entry.
Avoid human errors.
Have your customer and item information always in your hand.
Increase your salesperson productivity.
Increase your customer satisfaction.
Very much helpful for Trade-shows/Home sales.